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Build an online presence like never before with AI chatbots

Build an online presence like never before with AI chatbots

Luca Borreani
May 9, 2024

As a brand owner, you want people to knowabout your brand, the products or services you list, and how useful your storecan be for customers looking for the same.

You may have tried to answer customerqueries by enabling a FAQ section on your website, yet you get many queriesthat can sometimes be hard to answer.

For instance, if someone from another timezone types a question and you are sleeping as per your country's time zone,they may bounce to another competitor's website, leading to dissatisfaction.

So, what's the solution?

Using AIchatbot software can give your customers a great experience by answeringtheir queries and providing them with solutions promptly.

Chatbot technology can accuratelyunderstand natural language and interpret user intentions without humanintervention. This eliminates the need to hire employees to work odd hours andalways be available.  

In this way, customers will immediately getthe solutions to their problems without waiting longer hours.

So, an AI chatbot that understands humanintent is a wonderful option for businesses seeking to elevate their businesspresence in their industry.

What are AIchatbots in the e-commerce industry?


Artificial intelligence chatbots arecomputer programs that use natural language processing to interact withcustomers through text, voice, or both. These chatbots can handle variouscustomer service tasks, such as answering frequently answered questions,providing product information, and helping customers make purchases.

Additionally, these AI-powered chatbotsunderstand the patterns of customer inquiries and the intent of their issuesand finally provide them solutions as per their needs.

By understanding customers' behavior, storeowners can leverage AI bots to provide their customers with useful and valuableinformation to better equip them with the positive experience they need.

Who must add achatbot feature to their website?

We understand how tiring it can be torespond to each Q&A user's questions whenever they visit their website. Butby adding a chatbot to your Shopify, Magento, or Wix store, you can go one stepfurther by proactively providing pertinent responses before the user has evenfinished typing their question.

Doing this reduces the burden on youremployees, and a quick and engaging experience is offered to your clients.

However, do you still doubt whether addinga chatbot to your WordPress website or any other platform is worth it? Here'swhat you need to know:

➢    You have clientsfrom around the globe who need multilingual assistance to interact and shopfrom your website.

➢    If multiplechannels (e.g., website, in-app, social media, etc.) require support.

➢    You don't have abackend support team that is available 24/7.

➢    You are looking forways to cut customer service costs and find more efficient ways to boostcustomer support.


So, if any of the above points resonatewith you, you should hire AI bot specialists who know how to do their jobbetter, ultimately helping you earn more profits.

Exploring some funfacts about AI assistants


In today's digitally revolutionized world,AI assistants are becoming a familiar name, but do you know why?


➢     Messaging mania: More than 1.4billion people use messaging applications, and many choose them over phonecalls or emails when they want to know something about the product or serviceof any business.


➢     Your loyal tool: Chatbots areextremely responsive to training, even when interacting with angry customers.Imagine never experiencing another irritating hold-time chat!


➢     Mind reader: Advanced chatbotscan pick up on conversational cues and modify how they react. They becomeincreasingly adept at comprehending your demands the more you converse.


➢     It's the future: By 2029, someresearchers believe it would be impossible to tell chatbots apart from humansin a discussion! Get ready for some genuinely captivating AI exchanges.

By reading these fun facts, we are damnsure you can now perform almost all of your repetitive and everyday tasks fromthese bots while you can focus on other essential tasks.

Now, let's take a quick look at thebenefits of using these chatbots for your website.

Reasons to investin these Automated chatbots


The benefits of AI chatbots go beyond justproviding an enhanced user experience. Don't believe us? Look at the followingbenefits and thank us later:


1.     24/7 availability: AI bots push theboundaries of time and work 24/7 to customers worldwide. This constantavailability ensures that customer inquiries are answered immediately,regardless of the time, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


2.     Automation of repetitive tasks: AI-powered chatbots can also automate repetitive chores that wouldotherwise require human labor.  Achatbot, for instance, can handle customer support inquiries and FAQsautomatically without human intervention, freeing up important resources thatcan be employed elsewhere.


3.     Enhanced customization: AI-poweredchatbots can provide customers with more personalized social media experiences.By using client data and previous interactions, businesses can tailor theirresponses to meet the needs of specific customers.


4.     No tension during checkout process: AI chatbots can improve customer satisfaction and ease of work byreducing the problems that arise when they are about to enter the checkout. Forexample, an artificial intelligence chatbot designed for e-commerce can assistcustomers during the checkout process by guiding filling out forms, selectingshipping options, and other tasks.


5.     Provide immediate response: Another waycustomers feel delighted when they visit a website with integrated AItechnology is when they get immediate replies to their reviews. The AI chatbot for WordPress can examinecustomer reviews and comments, address their issues, and provide possiblesolutions in its answers.


Thus, by utilizing such chatbots on yourwebsite, you and your clients benefit greatly. Well, it's a win-win situationfor both!


Differentindustries where chatbots can be used


Chatbots are gaining popularity all aroundthe world! This assistant works round the clock and is not limited to one ortwo industries but goes beyond!


●       Real estate: In the rapidlyexpanding real estate sector, conversational AI tools generate leads, handleinitial conversations, manage concurrent conversations, and filter customers.


●       Health sector: The healthcareindustry is also growing exponentially with the assistance of such bots.Chatbots can even help set up appointments, respond to simple medical inquiries,and offer mental health assistance.


●       Entertainment industry:Entertainment and other fun sectors also benefit from chatbots. TheseAI-powered bots can recommend movies and shows and make your movie-buyingtickets process easy.

Thus, no matter the business or industry,you can always benefit from integrating this technology into your website.Moving further, let's look at the top AI chatbot that helps engage yourvisitors more excitingly and turn them into recurrent buyers.

Zipchat: the bestcustomer support chatbot


Zipchat claims to be the champion in thefield of chatbots, as it can handle even complex queries smoothly and boostcommunication between visitors and store owners. Here's why:


1.     Always on Duty: Zipchat guaranteesthat clients receive assistance whenever needed, regardless of time zone, withour round-the-clock AI-powered support.


2.     Uses NLP technology: This chatbot ismore than just a basic response generator. It uses natural language processingto comprehend difficult inquiries and provide precise responses, makingcustomers feel valued.


3.     Efficiency Expert: By handlingrepetitive tasks like order monitoring and appointment booking, Zipchat freesup human agents to handle more complex problems. Businesses save time and moneyby doing this.


4.     Improved customer satisfaction: Zipchat strives to increase customer satisfaction, which is essentialfor business success, by promptly addressing difficulties and providinground-the-clock help.


5.     Has multilingual capabilities: Its ability to speak in 95+ languages makes it a global solution forclients in different countries. This improves customer satisfaction as they donot have to deal with language barriers, which pose a major challenge increating a meaningful relationship between brand owners and customers.


All these features make Zipchat the mostpowerful tool that can boost your business's visibility and enhance customerengagement.

End Note

Finally, after reading this blog post, weare sure all your doubts about using AI technology have ended. Businesses mayboost customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency, and strengthentheir brand image.

Thus, if you want to add AI chatbot software to your website,try using Zipchat. With advances in machine learning and natural language processing, an AI chatbot has the potential to improve customer service andspur business expansion in a variety of sectors.

Luca Borreani
Luca Borreani
CMO & Co-Founder
Not Only A Chat, But a Human-Like AI Converting Visitors Into Buyers
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