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“I've been using ZipChat AI for a few weeks now, and it has exceeded my expectations. The chatbot is highly customizable, and it has significantly improved my customer engagement and sales. I’ve been quite impressed by the AI technology that’s so accurate. The support team is always available to help. I highly recommend this tool to any E-commerce business.”

Alex D.

“ZipChat AI has been a game-changer for my store. Amazing ability to improve customer engagement, flawless conversational skills, it’s been super satisfying to install. The integration process was seamless, and the support team was very responsive. I deeply believe that’s the future of ecommerce and how we interact with our customers.”

James B.

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For organizations requiring more, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will be glad to assist you in addressing your specific needs.

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Stay relevant in the competitive world of e-commerce with ZipChat's AI chatbot. We deliver the highly converting customer experience your business craves.

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Don't let opening hours be a roadblock to your growth. Eliminate frustrations with Zipchat’s 24/7 personalised support.

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End the frustration of filters and scrolling. Zipchat provides fast and natural conversations so your visitors get exactly what they want, right when they need it.

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Customers talk, we listen. We provide powerful dashboard and analytics so you can easily listen to your customers' needs, analyze their data, and quickly adapt to grow your business.


ZipChat is a no-code AI Chatbots builder using an advanced scraping technology to provide instant and accurate answers to your customers' questions 24/7.

You can add your chatbot in a few clicks by going in Dashboard > My Chatbots > (Select the one you want to install) > Click on Install. At the moment you can either install it manually by pasting our code snippet in your header, or (coming soon) choose our partners integrations (Shopify, Wordpress…)

ZipChat supports more than 100 languages. No matter the language of your store, ZipChat will answer your customers based on the language they use to ask questions or interact with your Chatbot.

Yes, you can change several parameters such as your contact info, welcome message, as well as creating new corrections based on your customers' questions for your chatbot to learn and improve its answers.

Indeed, ZipChat uses GPT-4 AI technology to provide the most accurate answers to your visitors and customers, and to keep the conversation with your users as natural and human as possible.

Your data is stored safely on our Amazon Web Services Servers, and everything is fully confidential.

Coming soon: We are currently working on a feature allowing you to temporary pause the AI in a specific conversation, and answer a customer manually.

Yes you can! Make sure to subscribe to the plan that fits your needs the most, including the number of Chatbots you need.

You can embed ZipChat on any websites

Reply refers to when our Chatbot responds or interacts with a customer's request or question. If a conversation includes a total of 8 messages or interactions, but our Chatbot only responds 4 times, we will only count 4 replies.

ZipChat offers a 'Train and Fine-Tune My AI' feature that enables you to accurately edit the AI's responses. If you're not completely satisfied with the AI's replies, you can create a correction and suggest the correct answer for similar questions in the future.

We are currently working on this feature, and it will be available within a few days. Your website data will be automatically refreshed every day, and you will also be able to refresh it manually.

No, ZipChat AI is a No-code Chatbot builder. You can build your chatbot in a matter of seconds, and add it to your website very easily.

After creating your bot, click on 'Install' and insert the provided code snippet in the header (HTML) of your website. Once that is done, your chatbot will be ready and operational.

When customers are left with questions or struggling to find products, you lose out on easy sales.

online shoppers abandon their shopping process if they can't easily find the product they're looking for


online shoppers abandon their purchase if they can't get quick answers to their questions

*source: Baymard Institute

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